Pseudarthrosis ortopedie

Pseudarthrosis ortopedie. Pseudarthrosis, pseudoarthrosis a pathological entity characterized by a nonosseous union of bone fragments of a fractured bone due to inadequate immobilization leading to existence of the ' false joint' that gives the condition its name. Surgical treatment options include: Removal of all scar tissue from between the fracture fragments; Immobilization of the fracture with internal or external fixation. A pseudoarthrosis ( or pseudarthrosis ) has a differential diagnosis which includes:. Pseudarthrosis is the result of failed attempted spinal fusion. Metal plates, pins, screws, and rods, that are screwed or driven into a bone, are used to stabilize the broken. When needed, x- rays and CT scans of the spine may be used to determine if a spinal fusion has occurred. Congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia ( CPT) is a rare pathology, which is usually associated with neurofibromatosis type I. The natural history of the disease is extremely unfavorable and once a fracture occurs, there is a little or no tendency for the lesion to heal spontaneously. Pseudarthrosis is the movement of bone at the location of a fracture due to inadequate healing. Many patients with pseudarthrosis do not have any particular symptoms, and for these patients further treatment and evaluation is not always needed. Pseudarthrosis Tibia Between 40% and 80% are associated with neurofibromatosis Incidence Estimated to be, 000 live births Aetiology Exact cellular mechanism is not known and despite a definite clinical relationship with neurofibromatosis, a cellu. Pseudoarthrosis ( differential) Dr Daniel J Bell and Dr Mohammad Taghi Niknejad et al. The term is derived from the Greek “ pseud, ” which means “ false, ” and “ arthrosis, ” which means “ joint. Diagnosis is based on clinical presentation and imaging studies, after other causes of persistent pain are ruled out. This condition typically manifests with axial or radicular pain months to years after the index operation. Symptoms & Conditions share. Scaphoid pseudarthrosis before and after surgical fixation.

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